MEDIF Sp. z o.o. is a company with over twenty years of experience on the Polish medical market. The mission of the organization is to restore health and beauty in a safe, natural and patient-friendly way. Constant search for the latest and least invasive solutions allows MEDIF to respond to the ever-growing needs of patients by offering medical doctors the best quality of world new products.

Looking for new solutions in the field of medicine, we remain faithful to ethical principles. Safety and health are crucial values to us. We care about quality, that is why we trust only proven, clinically examined products.

We are proud of our team, which is composed of very well educated, experienced and well-trained consultants and specialists.

MEDIF offers products in dentistry and aesthetic medicine.

Medif for dentistry

for dentistry

Collaboration with world-leading brands such as MIS Implants, Biolase, Silfradent, Meisinger, Hu-Friedy, Acteon, Nouvag, W&H offers dentists the most innovative solutions in the home market. In addition MEDIF supports its clients by offering them the opportunity to participate in the most important congresses and conferences, held throughout the world and in product trainings in Poland.

Medif for aesthetics

for aesthetics

MEDIF for aesthetics offers newest solutions in the regenerative medicine, thanks to which implementing services of autologous treatments using stem cells found in fat – EASY FAT or in blood – CGF, to the clinic portfolio is possible. Thanks to cooperating with global leader brand LUMINERA we can offer doctors full range of specimen that base on hyaluronic acid for mesotherapy and filling. MEDIF’s offer also contains HomeCare specimen made for specialist as an addition to aesthetic procedures, as well as newest solutions in less-invasive treatment of skin discoloration. We are preferred choice of doctors not only due to quality of our products but also due to highest quality of customer service.

Medif coming-soon

coming soon